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How quickly does road rash heal?

In a motorcycle accident, road rash can be one of the most painful “minor” injuries you can suffer. It happens when your skin makes direct contact with the pavement and is scraped or torn at that spot. One of the biggest issues determining just how bad this will be is how deep it penetrates below the skin. At high speeds, it could burn through multiple layers of tissue.

For instance, you could suffer road rash if someone cuts your motorcycle off when you have the right of way and you’re forced to lay the bike down to avoid a collision. While you may protect yourself from broken bones or a traumatic brain injury, this doesn’t mean you’re going to simply walk away from the wreck. You may still have some serious injuries to deal with and you may still need emergency medical care.

What you’ll probably start wondering immediately after the accident is how long this is going to take to heal. It’s painful, it limits mobility and it can leave you with some highly visible injuries that impact your confidence and appearance.

While every case is different, experts note that road rash should generally see significant healing in the first two weeks. The key is to make sure you get proper treatment and you continue to treat the area the entire time, keeping it moist and clean. If the road rash hasn’t healed in two weeks, you need to see a doctor for a re-evaluation, as it may be infected or more serious than initially assumed.

As you work your way through this process, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation for your expenses and damages.