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Truck drivers know that left turns are dangerous

Did you know that UPS truck drivers have been told not to turn left for decades? They simply never do it — with very rare exceptions when there is absolutely no way to get to a destination without a left turn. In the past, drivers had to figure it out on their own, but they now have the help of special GPS software that takes left turns out of the equation and still finds an efficient route.

But why do these truck drivers avoid left turns? There are a few reasons, including:

  • They tend to waste time as drivers have to wait on oncoming traffic.
  • Even with left-hand turn lanes, they still waste time.
  • They open drivers up to more danger and far greater odds of getting into an accident.
  • They waste fuel and cause a lot of unnecessary emissions.

All of these reasons are important, but the safety issue is why UPS has such a good reputation for safe driving. Any time a car or truck crosses into opposing traffic, the odds of a crash go up. This is true even when drivers try to take precautions.

Mistakes happen. Drivers miss warning signs. They can’t see under the glare of the sun. Oncoming cars are traveling faster than they realize. There are many reasons why these turns are so dangerous, and UPS has found that they’re much better off to avoid them entirely.

This is not true with all trucking operations, however. Those who get injured in accidents with trucks have to know what legal steps to take to seek out compensation.