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Tips to help avoid a head-on crash

A car drives over the center line and into your lane. You have about two seconds until impact. What do you do?

According to many experts, this is the greatest danger that drivers face. Head-on crashes result in fatalities more often than any other types of accidents. If the speed of one or both vehicles is very high, the risks are even higher for all involved.

What you should do, then, is attempt to avoid the accident in any way that you can. You may want to:

  • Flash your headlights
  • Honk your horn
  • Reduce your own speed as much as possible
  • Merge into another lane
  • Drive onto the shoulder

Some of these things may still cause an accident. Say you drive onto the shoulder and sideswipe a guardrail. That is still a crash, but it’s not a serious as a head-on one. It may even be safer for the other cars around you on the highway.

Yes, your overall goal as a driver is to keep from getting into an accident at all. However, mistakes that others make on the road could make an accident unavoidable. That’s when you need to have a hierarchy of risk is mind. You need to know instantly what type of accident will give you the greatest chance of surviving with minimal injuries. Then you can react right away to seek the best possible outcome, even if that still means getting into the wreck.

If you or a loved one is injured in a crash caused by another driver, you need to start looking into your legal rights to compensation for medical bills and other costs.