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Physical discomfort and a lack of motorcycle helmets

It’s not hard to see how a motorcycle helmet goes a long way toward keeping you safe. If you crash your bike — something you may not control when another driver makes a mistake — that helmet is your only protection against serious head injuries.

As clear as this is, many people neglect to wear them. This leads to severe injuries and needless deaths every year. Why do people skip out on this main safety feature?

The top reason is the “physical discomfort” that they feel when wearing the helmet. One study broke this down a bit further, leading to these results:

  • 59.6% of riders without a helmet said that they did not wear one because they felt like it limited their neck and head movements.
  • 67.7% of riders said that it felt like the helmet was suffocating them while they rode.
  • 69.4% of riders said that the helmet caused them to feel neck pain.
  • 71.4% of riders said that the helmet was too hot to wear.
  • 77% of riders claimed that the helmet was just too heavy to wear comfortably.

In general, they felt some type of discomfort — and, as the statistics show, many felt multiple types of discomfort at once. They enjoyed riding with their head free, even though they had to understand that it increased their risks significantly with every mile that they covered on the bike.

Even if you understand how important motorcycle helmets are, you can still get injured by other drivers. If you do, make sure you are well aware of the legal rights you have.