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Uncovering liability for underride truck accidents

If you don’t know what an underride truck accident means, consider yourself lucky. These often-fatal truck accidents result in some of the most physical damage an individual might ever suffer. Even if a person survives such a crash, there is a very high chance that the victim could face lifelong problems.

An underride crash occurs when a smaller vehicle collides with a large tractor-trailer. Because the smaller automobile sits much closer to the roadway, it typically slides underneath the truck. As you might expect, this can result in death or catastrophic head injuries

In our Aurora legal practice, we have seen the complete devastation that accompanies underride truck accidents. More often than not, someone will die when these crashes occur whether it is the driver or a passenger. The survivors must then cope with their injuries along with the grief they feel over the death of a passenger.

One of the questions that plague bereaved family members is: who is responsible for such a tragedy. Family members need answers, and perhaps more importantly, they need to know that others will not face a similar fate. 

The technology exists that could prevent the devastation that typically comes with underride truck accidents. The problem is that most trucking companies will not install this life-saving technology until the American government makes it mandatory. This means that it is up to us, as a people, to find ways that will encourage the government to make underride prevention technology mandatory. 

We can do this by using the law as a tool. Imagine what might happen if everyone who lost a loved one or suffered catastrophic injuries in the wake of such a crash took steps to hold trucking companies accountable. It is not difficult to envision a government that would respond favorably to a widespread outcry.

If you or someone you love suffered critical injuries in a truck accident, please continue exploring our web pages to find a legal solution for your suffering. You may also reach out to us for personalized guidance.