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Car Accidents: Back seats are not as safe as you may believe

Not so long ago, safety experts felt that riding in the back seat of a vehicle provided the most protection against car accident injuries. To see if this belief was accurate, we scoured several reputable sources in search of authoritative data regarding passenger safety. We uncovered a lot of information, most of it indicating that riding in the rear seat is not as safe as it once was. 

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released information in 2019 indicating that back seats are no longer as safe as front seats are during car accidents. Advanced technology like airbags combined with improved seat belts may reduce the odds of injury for front-seat occupants. Unfortunately, these technologies have not made it to the back-seat area of most vehicles.

Of course, rear seats do offer some crash protection with seat belts, and in some vehicles, side airbags. However, during a frontal car accident, there is some degree of injury risk due to a lack of restraint technology. Making matters even worse, rear seat belts do not prevent passengers from slamming forward during a crash. This can result in chest injuries from the seat belt itself as well as other injuries from colliding with the interior parts of a vehicle.

We urge all our neighbors in Aurora to make certain their rear-seat passengers are belted in as securely as possible. If you or your passengers do suffer injuries in a car accident, consider seeking an attorney consultation. In many cases, victims can find a legal solution to help mitigate the losses associated with Illinois car accidents. Please continue browsing if you require additional information.