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How much does Illinois mandatory insurance really cover?

When shopping around for car insurance, far too many people only look at the final price tag. The sad news is that buying the lowest priced policy you can possibly find could leave you open to financial risk. If you don't want to end up in a financially difficult situation, you may want to review your insurance policy.

Choosing a wheelchair is difficult after a spinal cord injury

A lot of the decisions that you will have to make when you have a spinal cord injury will be difficult. One decision that might not seem like a big deal to other people, but is very important for a person who has a debilitating spinal cord injury, is choosing a wheelchair.

7 top reasons for car accidents

Car accidents aren't really accidents. They don't just happen. They're not just bad luck. The vast majority of them happen for reasons that could easily have been prevented. In fact, most accidents stem from driver error.

Evaluate the weather conditions carefully before leaving home

The lovely summer and fall weather are leaving the area, which means that the frigid weather is heading in. When you live in this part of Illinois, you can't really get away from the snow. Even though the white covering is beautiful, it is actually a big hazard for people who are on the road.

Construction sites pose risks to all, even pedestrians nearby

When people think about construction site accidents, the image that comes to mind is typically that of an injured worker. There's good reason for this mental association. Construction work remains one of the most dangerous lines of work, with professionals in the industry risking falls, falling materials, electrocution, crushing accidents and machinery malfunctions every day. That's why there's often premium pay associated with skilled construction work.

Workers Play An Important Role In Making Construction Sites Safer

Every year, hundreds of people are injured and killed at construction sites in the United States. Between 1992 and 2010, an average of 730 construction workers died annually from highway incidents, falls, electric shock and being struck by objects.

Are you protected enough if you crash with an uninsured driver?

You follow the rules of the road, which means you drive safely and you carry insurance in case of a crash. Sadly, not everyone in Illinois is as diligent. Every day, many people choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle without insurance in place. These people are breaking the law, but many of them don't get caught until they cause a crash.

You can avoid these common car accidents

It is unlikely that you woke up this morning and said, "Hey, I think I'll get in a car accident today!" While we typically do not go looking for a car wreck, the fact is, if you are going to get behind the wheel, you are putting yourself at risk. You can follow the traffic laws to the letter and be the safest driver on the road, but that may not save you from other drivers and out-of-the-ordinary events.

Why an IL minimum coverage car insurance policy isn't enough

For many people who drive vehicles every day for a commute, motor vehicle insurance is just another expense. After all, it's required by the state if you want to register and legally drive your vehicle. You hope that you'll never have any need to use it. It's only natural to do everything you can to minimize the expenses involved in carrying motor vehicle insurance. Doing so could end up being a very expensive mistake for you. If you are in an accident and you are found to be at fault, your insurance policy could be responsible for covering a lot of injuries and property damage.

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